Pourquoi Princesse Boxes Temporary Tattoos Patches Collaborations, Stories & Artwork

What’s in a Pourquoi Princesse box?

Our Pourquoi Princesse box comes with:

  • One 100% organic cotton T-shirt with our unique design that allows kids to identify with any and all colors, professions and activities
  • An engaging, full color publication where kids can discover the stories behind women who persevered and triumphed, unearth their individuality through artistic projects, and find their inner genius with DIY experiments
  • One cool temporary tattoo sheet with our unique designs
  • One embroidered patch with iron-on backing
  • Two Pourquoi Princesse stickers

Are your boxes only for girls?

In our universe, nothing is only for girls or only for boys. While it’s true that our mission promotes girls’ empowerment, we feel that boys can equally benefit from learning about strong female role models and from challenging gender stereotypes.

What is the appropriate age range for your boxes?

Our boxes are designed for ages 3-11, but we feel like these boxes are fun and educational for everyone! Younger children will need more help and guidance from adults while reading through the activity book and conducting the activities. Plus, our booklets are made for parents and children to share together.

Who has developed the products in your boxes?

All of our boxes have been developed internally with a group of instructional designers and graphic artists and reviewed by a team of pedagogic experts. Our activity books have been tested with kids of various ages. If you want to help test our products and give us feedback, please drop us an email. We’re always looking for more feedback.

Can I buy items a la carte?

You are not required to purchase the whole kit. You can buy T-shirts, tattoo sheets and patches a la carte. The activity booklet is only available with the kit.

Is there a monthly subscription for your boxes?

At the current time, there is no monthly subscription for our boxes, but we’re always trying to improve our service. If this is something you’re interested in, contact us and tell us your thoughts.

Do your boxes come with all the supplies we’ll need to conduct all of the activities?

No! Unfortunately there are some supplies needed for the activities in the activity book which are not included in the box. Most of our activities can be completed with items found around the house like a glass of water, a small mirror, a black marker, a sheet of paper or a flashlight. Other times the activities require materials like paints and paintbrushes or food coloring. Remember that these are NOT included in the boxes and must be purchased separately. As a small business, we are doing our best to bring exciting activities to your kids and bring the boxes to you at an affordable price. If you have a thought about how we can improve our service, please contact us!

How should the T-shirt be washed?

The T-shirt in the box is made of 100% organic cotton and should be washed gently like you would a silk scarf. Wash with the T-shirt inside out at 30 degrees or on cold. Line dry the T-shirt. Do NOT put the T-shirt in the dryer! Putting it in the dryer will result in severe shrinking and fading of the image on the T-shirt.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Currently we ship to France and anywhere in the European Union, the United States and Canada. Shipping fees are not included in the price.

Can I send a box as a gift?

Yes! Just write a note to our customer service letting us know that this is a gift and we’ll make sure that the package goes out as a gift. Be sure to that the shipping address is different from your billing address if you want it sent directly to the person receiving the gift.

Could your temporary tattoos harm my child’s skin?

Our supplier in France only uses hypoallergenic inks that don’t contain henna in order to protect your child’s skin. In addition, our temporary tattoos adhere to the strict safety standards for toys and cosmetic products in the European Union and are also in accordance with the safety regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At what age can we apply a temporary tattoo to a child’s skin?

A child must be at least 3 years of age in order to put on a temporary tattoo. We recommend only putting them on children who are 36 months or older.

How long will a temporary tattoo stay on my child’s skin?

Temporary tattoos last between 2-5 days on the skin, depending on their placement on the body.

How do I remove my child’s tattoo?

You can remove your temporary tattoo by gently rubbing it with baby oil, a greasy hand cream, or a mild solvent. You can also use the rough face of a dishwashing sponge to get it off.

Where can I put Pourquoi Princesse temporary tattoos on my child’s body?

Anywhere you want! We recommend avoiding particularly hairy areas or places where your skin naturally folds in order to have the best visibility and ease of removal possible.

How do I iron on my Pourquoi Princesse patch?

We recommend ironing on our patches to cotton fabrics and denim, since they work best. You’ll need an iron, an ironing board, and a towel or a blank piece of paper.

  1. Once you’ve selected your garment, try out different placements with the garment laid flat or with a safety pin until you find the best location for your patch.
  2. Plug in your iron and let it heat up for a few minutes. Set the iron to high or to the “for cotton” setting. Do not add water to your iron.
  3. Place your garment flat on the ironing board and test one last time that your patch is in your preferred place.
  4. Gently lay a towel or sheet of paper over the patch in order to protect your patch and your garment from the heat of the iron.
  5. Press the patch with the iron from 10-15 seconds or more if needed to secure the patch to the garment.
  6. Once the patch is pressed onto the garment, let it cool for a couple of minutes. Try picking gently at the edges of the patch. If it peels up, then you need to iron it a bit longer. Be careful not to over-iron.
  7. Et voila! Your amazing patch will be on your garments!

Do you do collaborations or giveaways?

Yes we do, but we’re highly selective about the collaborations we participate in. We look specifically for companies that are closely aligned with our vision, mission and brand. If you think your company would be a good fit, contact us so we can discuss further.

I would like to use your activity booklets to talk to my students about gender equality and gender stereotypes in my class. Do you have special conditions for teachers?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I have a daring girl in my life. How do I submit her story?

We love to highlight daring girls and their accomplishments on our blog and social media. If you know a daring kid who is undertaking amazing feats, is making the world a better place or is overcoming extreme obstacles, please contact us with their story, and we’ll review it for publishing.

Do you need new artists?

Yes! We’re always on the lookout for new artists and talent who can contribute to our products, possess similar values and is aligned with our overall artistic direction. If you think your work would be a good fit with Pourquoi Princesse, contact us with a link to your website, CV and/or portfolio.