(Please note that this Giveaway contains mainly gifts in French, we promise we will be doing an English version soon for our great English speaking community !)

To build a better world for tomorrow together, we need the right tools.

When it comes to gender equality between girls and boys, we've still got a long way to go . . . and that's we started this great adventure and created Pourquoi Princesse!

To celebrate the end of this very different kind of school year (already), we're offering you the chance to win an amazing selection of gifts to bring along this summer on your stereotype-free vacation. 

The prize totals over 200€ in value including:

  • Inspiring books for the whole family,
  • games for both boys AND girls and
  • T-shirts to unleash their superpowers!

So are you in?!

The giveaway runs from June 15th to June 21st (until midnight Paris time!).

Click this link, register and you're good to go!

The more you share, the more you increase your chances of winning!

Winner will be selected on Monday, June 22nd!

But what exactly will you find in this amazing prize?!

Books for grown-ups!

Tu seras un homme -féministe- mon fils ! by Aurélia Leblanc at Marabout - 15.90€

Guide des métiers pour les petites filles qui ne veulent pas finir princesses by Catherine Dufour in Livre de Poche - 7.90€

Fille-garçon même éducation by Pihla Hintikka and Elisa Rigoulet at Marabout - 15.90

Books for Kids

You Can Be a Pilot by Pourquoi Princesse - 17.95


Share the Colors by Pourquoi Princesse - 10€

Le livre qui te dit enfin tout sur les filles et les garçons (la fin du grand mystère) by Françoize Boucher at Nathan's - 10.90€

Cool games for girls AND boys!

Tech will Save Us Sew & Glow Kit for creating lightning badges - 24.99 €

The Animal Vision Kit by Koa Koa 29.90 €

A Lottie doll "Stargazer" and an astronaut's outfit - 34 €

The game of the 7 (real) families from Family Builder & Apiki - 11,90 €

Guaranteed stereotype-free clothing for kids!

2 T-Shirts (or baby onesies!) to choose freely from the Pourquoi Princesse collection worth 25€ each.

With all these amazing prizes, we promise you a well equipped summer full of gender equality!

Again we thank you so much for supporting us and being a part of our amazing community. 

We hope you enjoy this giveaway. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends, family and everyone you know. 

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