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Let's Talk about Grandmothers - The Strength of Transmission

As I joined Laura on the  Pourquoi Princesse adventure, one of the first questions I asked myself was: "And for me? Which women have inspired me in my life?"

The first person I thought of was my grandmother, "Hélène," better known as "Maminette". So as today is "Grandmothers Day" in France, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to her here. I was lucky enough that my grandmother was a role model to me, and I feel like I'm not the only one in this case! A lot of what she has passed on to me is at the heart of my determination and commitment to equality and creating a better future for girls and women in general.

My grandmother grew up with the idea that, for girls, it was not necessary to have extensive degrees from prestigious schools to get things done. For her father "Polytechnique" School (famous French engineering school) was the only way to advance in life, but girls were not yet welcome there when she was growing up (the first girls were admitted in 1972).

But for her that didn't matter! She wanted be a professor of history and French, and, above all, she would be free! With her artistic soul, her boldness, her audacity and her joy, she did not hesitate to re-invent herself by going from teacher to real estate agent, just like that. She did this because her family needed it, but at the time it was a revolutionary notion.  In the meantime she would continue to paint and help others as much as she could.She was took the place she wanted as the head of the household without apologizing! My grandmother never stopped and always in stilettos!

Having grown up with her until the age of 16, I know today that I owe her a lot and especially the idea that everything is possible and, despite small or big difficulties in life, we can always pull ourselves back up! I received this gift and want to pass it on to my daughters and all the others girls!

Wishing you a wonderful Grandmother's day to all these great grandmas and women who inspire us and show us the way!

Murielle Sitruk is Co-Founder of Pourquoi Princesse. A mother of two determined and bold daughters, she grew up in Marseille and lives in Paris with her family.

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  • Merci pour toutes ces femmes de tous les temps et de tous les jours qui ont mené leur vie, leur famille et leurs passions à bras le corps dans la discrétion et la féminité sans attendre une reconnaissance de " l égalité". L égalité, elle est en elles.

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