Meet Sara an amazing young football player !

Could you introduce yourself and your family a little?

My name is Sara Weiss, I am almost 12 years old (in a few days!). I am the number 2, I have 1 older brother Mathieu 14 years old and a younger brother Gabriel 6 years old. I live in France in Plessis Robinson near Paris - I know what I want and I do everything I can to get it!

Since when do you play football? How old were you when you started?

It's been almost 6 years, I started at the age of 6, in the U7 category.

I did two years of gym before.

One day I was in the park and someone asked my mother "is it your daughter playing football with the boys?" it was the photographer from the football club next door, he said I played well and that I should join.

There were no girls in the club! Now there are 3 sections since September 2018 but I was still playing with the boys this year!

Do you play in a club?

Yes I used to play in the Plessis Robinson club but since a few weeks I joined AC Boulogne Billancourt in a women's team.

I'm very happy! There's a partnership with the OL, it's great!

The OL is the best French team that has won the French Cup and the Champions League (the European title)

What do you like about this sport?

I like to run, score, and especially to play as a team, to help each other. I like team cohesion, that's the most important thing

I love dribbling, I've trained a lot! Now I can do 300 juggles in a row!

I do 2 training sessions per week and weekend meetings

Are there other people in your family who practice with you?

Not really... my little brother was playing football, but now he's going to stop...

Have you ever received or heard any comments about "girls and football"?

Yes, often small comment, but also many people tell me that I play well!

For example, when there are girls who want to play, the boys don't accept them. So I say "but I'm a girl too and I play so you should accept them too!

But I am often the captain of my team! very quickly I was as strong as the others!

When I play in the schoolyard, the girls encourage me and are behind me!

You're probably following the World Cup, is it an appointment not to be missed at home? Do you have a ritual for watching the games?

It depends if the games are in the evening or not! As long as it’s still school I don't go to bed too late, so I can't always watch!

My parents support me. My mother helps me a lot and encourages me.

My dad's not a big football fan!

Are you planning to go to the game in person?

Yes! I saw the game at the Parc des Princes in Paris Japan / Argentina. I saw the players training.

Did you buy a French team jersey? Which one?

I have a French team jersey. I wish I had a women's team jersey with a star!

I also have a women's OL jersey!

What was your prognosis for the final?

I was thinking of a France / US final! but I of course watch the US / Holland Sunday

Do you have a dream that you would like to see achieve in connection with your soccer practice?

I would like to get a scholarship to go to the United States, my dream is to become a professional footballer in the US or Lyon. And I'd also like to be a lawyer!

Do you have any other passions or activities?

I really love football!

What advice could you give to girls who would like to start playing football?

My advice is to start early and work hard, don't give up! It takes perseverance and surpassing. It's true that when you play with boys you think you're being pushed to be stronger than them!

I would like girls to be equal to boys

{Little conversation with Melissa, Sara's mom}:

There are often remarks, parents who are surprised that I accept that my daughter plays football......

Once a daddy says to me, "My wife is expecting a girl... Too bad... I won't be able to play football with my child "obviously I told him: "but my daughter plays football! So it's possible!"

At 9 years old Sara broke her wrist at school, but she hid her pain so she could do her football camp! It shows how much she puts her passion above everything else!

My boys are volleyball players and not really interested in football!

In Volleyball, there is a real movement around gender equality it's great!


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