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We will be honest: We aren't experts with a hack for every curve ball our kids throw at us. We’re scrambling through this roller coaster of a parenting journey, trying our best. Sometimes we succeed with flying colors. Other times, we’re barely holding it together. Like you, we’re parents who are very concerned about the world we’re leaving to our children and the meaningful steps we can take to ensure that they can reach their full potential. We envision a world where all of our children (both girls and boys) have access to the same opportunities and are free to express themselves fully, knowing they can accomplish anything.

While we can talk forever about the subject of equality and girls’ empowerment (just ask our friends and family!), this blog is not just about our two voices. This space is for ALL OF OUR collective voices. It’s a culmination of OUR experiences, thoughts, and emotions as we try the best we can to navigate this labyrinth of parenthood and do what’s best for our kids.

Thanks for joining the ride!

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Let's Talk about Grandmothers - The Strength of Transmission

As I joined Laura on the  Pourquoi Princesse adventure, one of the first questions I asked myself was: "And for me? Which women have inspired me in my life?"

The first person I thought of was my grandmother, "Hélène," better known as "Maminette". So as today is "Grandmothers Day" in France, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to her here. I was lucky enough that my grandmother was a role model to me, and I feel like I'm not the only one in this case! A lot of what she has passed on to me is at the heart of my determination and commitment to equality and creating a better future for girls and women in general.

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My son likes playing with dolls! So what?


As soon as my son Basile was born, everyone was surprised by his long “girly” eyelashes …

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How to Teach Consent From a Young Age: What the What?

Credit: Simon RaeIt was just another night. I picked my daughter up from her painting class, and we stopped by the local épicerie (that’s a small corner grocery store for those not in France) for some bubble gum and candy. Our Tuesday night ritual. C was beaming with joy as she explained to me what she had painted that night.

She went into the store, picked out her candy like she normally did and proudly brought it to the cash register. The older man behind the counter smiled at her and said “Do you want this piece of candy? You can have it for free IF you give me a kiss.” My daughter looked panicked. She clearly did not want to give this man a kiss at all, but she also wanted the candy very badly. “What the junk? No my little girl will NOT give you a kiss!” is the sentence that should have immediately rolled off my tongue. But instead I sat there completely frozen, in utter shock at what was transpiring right before my eyes. I felt so dumbfounded I couldn’t even react. C was torn. She did know two things—she wanted that candy and she didn’t want to give that man a kiss. We were both frozen.

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What happens when you ask a class of first graders their thoughts on gender stereotypes?

I am the mother of a 4 year old girl and a teacher at an elementary school in a working class district of Marseille, France. For several years, I have been able to hold open exchanges with my first grade classes to discuss and debate the topic of gender stereotypes. The discussions have been remarkable.   

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Thoughts on Gender Stereotypes from a Dad

Lots of questions! We ask ourselves a lot of questions when we become a parent.  After the second child, slightly less questions come to mind.

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